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Sending Money to an Inmate

In order for inmates to receive funds the sender must be on his approved visitation list.  The funds may only be mailed to the inmate by means of a money order or cashier’s check.  Any cash, personal checks or unidentified money orders will be returned to the sender with an explanation. 

The money order must be made payable to the inmate, and include his GDC ID Number.  The front of the envelope should have his name, GDC ID Number, dorm number and the mailing address of the prison, along with the sender’s complete return address.  The mailing address for the Clayton County Prison is:

Clayton County Prison
PO Box 309
Lovejoy, GA 30250


Warden: Dennis Nelson
Deputy Warden: Randal Holsey
11420 S.L.R. Boulevard
Lovejoy, GA 30250
Phone: (770) 473-5777
Fax: (770) 473-5783

Refuse Control 
Phone: (770) 477-3548

Prison Rape Elimination Act