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Court System

H R Banke Justice CenterThe court system moved into the Justice Center the last week of October, 2000 and opened for business on November 6, 2000.

The Clayton County Jury Assembly Room holds 262 jurors - compared to the old Jury Assembly Room that held only 155. The potential jurors are selected from a master list of 35,000 citizens from across the county.

The Superior Court Clerk's Office staff oversees the microfilm room, which holds more than 1,800 rolls of film that contain Superior Court filings and recordings from the 1800's to the present.

The Superior Court Records office sees more than 7,500 cases per year, which include felony criminal cases, child support cases, divorces and adoptions.

The Superior Court Real Estate Deed room holds deeds, plats, liens, military discharge papers and trade names that are available for public viewing.

The State Court files more than 4,000 civil cases and more than 14,500 criminal cases per year.

The Magistrate Court files over 30,000 civil and criminal cases in a year. This court covers garnishments, abandoned motor vehicle liens, temporary protective orders, county ordinance violations, felony and misdemeanor warrants, as well as small claim cases up to $15,000. In addition, this court averages over 1,000 dispossessory cases each month, which are actions against tenants for non-payment of rent.

1st Floor -
Jury Assembly Room; Clerk of Superior Court (Civil, Domestic and Criminal Divisions, along with Real Estate, Records/Deed Room and Microfilm); Clerk of State Court (Civil, Criminal and Microfilm Divisions)

2nd Floor - Traffic Court, Clerk of Magistrate Court and Magistrate Court

3rd Floor - Solicitor General's Office, State Court, Court Administrator and Child Support

4th Floor - District Attorney's Office and Superior Court