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Jail Operations


H R Banke Justice CenterAs part of its partnership with Southern Company Energy Solutions, Lee Design & Management Group provides clients, such as Clayton County, with the most comprehensive energy management and facility maintenance program available. Clayton County has a guaranteed energy efficient rate of $1.06 per square foot for a ten-year period. That is $.50 lower than what the county is currently paying in its smaller facility. This contractual arrangement is the first of its kind in the Southeast and will save Clayton County $400,000.00 per year over the next ten years.


There are eight 96-cell, 192-bed housing units and two 192-bed dormitories to accommodate up to 1,920 inmates at the jail. However, according to security level, some housing units are single bunked for more troublesome inmates, giving the facility an ideal capacity of 1,544 beds. The facility is designed to expand to the west by adding up to four more 192-bed housing units. The overall design concept provides for all services for inmates to occur at the housing units-meaning that visiting, meals, exercise and sick calls occur at the housing units to alleviate frequent movement of inmates. This concept is more staff efficient and secure compared to frequent movement of inmates.

Food Service

The kitchen provides the production and storage facilities for up to 10,000 meals per day. Three meals are produced, placed onto food trays and delivered to the housing units via carts. Each cart holds a maximum of 100 trays and is pulled to the housing units by motorized tugs. The weight of the carts requires the motorized tugs.

Laundry Services

The laundry provides cleaning for bedding, uniforms and small personal items for the inmate population and facility needs. Mending services are also provided at the laundry.

Energy Plant

The energy plant provides enough energy for a town the size of Jonesboro. The County has entered into an agreement for 10 years of Guaranteed Energy costs of $1.06 per square foot, compared to $1.56 per square foot at the old jail. This represents savings of almost 40%.|

Medical Services

As required by law, the Clayton County Jail provides 24-hour emergency medical care services for inmates. However, in the new facilities, more medical care can be provided on-site compared to the old jail. This increased accessibility to care reduces the overall cost of medical services by eliminating frequent trips to hospitals and off-site medical facilities. The facility even allows for those inmates with special medical needs, such as dialysis, to receive such services on site.