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Website Help


Download the Acrobat Reader from Adobe's Web site.

Files that are in PDF format, require the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view properly. Download the Reader free from Adobe's Web site.

Interactive Web Pages

Some of our interactive pages are accessed by using a port number in the address of the page. If you experience problems accessing any of these pages, check the setting in your firewall and verify that the firewall on your computer is not blocking URL's containing port numbers in the range of 8000 through 8020. This is a common setting in the firewall setup and will cause a "Page Not Found" or "Page Can Not Be Displayed" error.

We are actively blocking anyone who has spyware plug-ins installed on their browser, and you will need to remove them to access our interactive pages.

If you still experience problems, please notify us.

Java Settings

This site uses Java related elements. It is important that the Java settings are enabled on your browser.

Refer to your Internet Browser for information on setting Internet options.

Visit Internet Explorer Home or Mozilla FireFox, for more information.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of information that is sent to your browser when you access a web site. Cookies are not used to record any personally identifiable information. Cookies are used by some County web applications to pass needed information from one page to the next. Rejecting a cookie in these applications will render the application useless.

Web Browser Issues

Particular browser settings can affect the way a web browser displays a web page. This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer.

Pop-ups are utilized on this web site. Please make sure you have pop-ups enabled.

If you experience a problem viewing PDF documents on our web applications and you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser, please check your default browser settings. Most problems can be solved by changing these settings.

If you experience a problem viewing PDF documents on our web applications and you are using Google Chrome as your browser, please follow the instructions below to 'Disable the Chrome PDF Viewer'.

1. Open a new browser window.
2. Enter chrome://plugins on the search line.
3. Locate the Chrome PDF Viewer plugin.
4. Disable the Chrome PDF Viewer. (click on 'Disable')